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Local AIDS walk info.

Sorry for the incessant posting but here's my research on AIDS walks:

The New York AIDS walk was held May 15th this year. Hopefully, they have it around the same time, so we could go to that one.
The New Jersey AIDS walk date for 2006 will be announced in January 2006...that's in New Brunswick, and it doesn't say anywhere when it was last year. EDIT: I saw on a couple sites that it was on June 12th last year.
We missed the AIDS Walk Delaware.
I went to the page for the AIDS Walk Baltimore, but no information is posted.
We missed the Washington D.C. AIDS Walk.

Does anyone have any interest in attending the AIDS Walk in NYC, or possibly New Jersey or Baltimore? We need to get a lot of people to go on this, and it would be awesome if you guys wanted to come!

Okay I'm done typing. Bye!

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