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10/12 meeting

Here's your oh-so-cheerful secretary reporting what happened at today's meeting.

Officers in Attendance:
Prez - Adri
Vice Prez - Derrick
Treasurer - Abby
Secretary - Me!

Yeah okay I don't think our propaganda person wants to be in it. Maybe we should elect Z? Sorry, just an opinion.

So today, we had about a dozen new people showed up. The officers stood in the front and talked to the new people about some activities we do and why we exist. Topics and points of interest brought up:

* Introduction of officers

* Trip to see Rent

* "Gay? Fine by me" t-shirts

* Homeroom survey

* Decreasing the use of "That's so gay"

* Meeting with other GSAs

* Making the club have more of an impact

* Day of Silence - what it is and goals for participation for this year

Mr. Friedman talked about why he runs the club and what having a GSA means.

Yeah, we aren't going on the AIDS Walk in Philly on Sunday because it couldn't get approved by the board ='(. Hopefully we can find one for NYC, Baltimore, or D.C. I'll look that up and post if I find anything.

Next meeting is NEXT THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20th!!!

Abby and I agreed that the meeting was a little too much of us talking to people and not enough interaction. We probably should have something next meeting where people participate...maybe make survey questions, work on organizing bake sales, researching information on gay issues, etc. Any ideas, any? Anyone who just came to the meeting, if you guys have ideas, FEEL FREE AND POST THEM BECAUSE WE WANT YOUR INPUT!!!

Thanks to everyone for coming to the meeting today, and please come back so we can make GSA a big success!!!! People, please feel free to bring food...yeah, sorry I didn't bring muffins >.<, I'll have them for next Thursday.

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