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Another kinda boring meeting on 10/3/05

Officers in Attendance:
Prez - Adri
Vice Prez - Derrick
Treasurer - Abby
Secretary - Kat aka ME

Well, today we waited around for Chad to show up and he couldn't get the cameras out of the closet thing so we didn't get to film. I hung up the awesome poster on Friedman's door, and Friedman is now working towards getting us to go on the AIDS Walk so that the board approves it after it happens and we get a bus (Mr. Mo's suggestion). While waiting, I walked around the senior high and hung up posters in probably legal places.
After we found out Chad couldn't film, Derrick and I went to the IHS and hung up flyers, but Derrick had to leave so I finished up.

First meeting is WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12th. Derrick needs to work on a voiceover for the second half of the commercial, and we need to film it this Thursday or Friday. People, comment if Thursday or Friday is better, and I'll email Friedman and let him know.

C'mon people let's get this thing rolling! =D.
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