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Give yourself a big hug

So, what a great GSA meeting, yeah yeah?

Here are some importaint dates to remember:

Mon the 3rd: Stay after; finish the video.
Thu the 6th: Airing the commercial! :D
Wed the 12th: First open meeting; bring your friends.

Fri the 14th: AIDS Walk forms are due; do contribute.
Sun the 16th: AIDS Walk.

Let's make the next meeting even MORE successful - I will be expecting energy sparks flying around that room boys and girls - so make this shizzit happen, mkaaay?

PS: I think the officers should have another meeting before the 12th - I'm not really satisfied with the plan we have concerning Wed the 12th - or maybe i just know of the wrong plan. Butt anyhow - enlighten me!

PSS: You guys wanna make me a position now? :D Hahaha. Make it something funny!

PSSS: Great job by the way, I'm really proud of all of you and your ideas and especially of our president for SHAKIN' IT!

Unknown position
Nadia <3
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