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Advertisement Ideas

Yay! My first official officer post.

Okay, just to introduce myself, I'm Kat. I'm a freshman. Liz is my older sister, but hey, I'm not "little Corson" considering the fact I'm four inches taller than she. Anyway, I'm really psyched for GSA.

First off, I was Co-Prez of the VMS Chorus last year, and we advertised using my eye-catching blue flyers. I made a flyer with the meeting time, info, blah, blah, blah, and my Co-Prez and I went around the school posting them at high-traffic locations, such as bathrooms, water fountains, main intersections, etc.

This brought us from about 25-30 members up to 70. If you want, I'll make a flyer and run them off on bright-colored paper. Then, we could stay after school and post 4568490689024895602390485 of them all over the school. We could also have 2 big posters - one by the SHS cafeteria and one in the IHS lobby. We could do this after school sometime next week, so that we have these up AND the commercial, maximizing our image and making people think about it. If you guys want posters, i'll make them cuz I'm kinda artsy.

I think we REALLY need to stress that GSA has the "S" in it somehow, and also, put on flyers what we DO. People asked me this year and last year, "What's GSA? What do they DO?" I mean, cuz everyone knows what the Asian-American Club does, but not GSA.

Whaddya guys think? G2g anyway...bye.

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